Monday, February 16, 2009

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(* 2001 data were Estimated due unsettle conditions of these areas)

38.69 % Sri Lankan Tamils live in other area according to 2001 census. (out of total, Tamil population in Sri Lanka 733093 (18,797,257 x 3.9%). Means out of estimated amount of total population of 21,128,772 for 2008 July (CIA factbook) out of Tamil Population of 845151 (3.9% X 21,128,772) 338060 live among Sri lankan.

Ethnic proportions (2001 census provisional data)

  • Sinhalese 73.8%,
  • Sri Lankan Moors (Muslim) 7.2%, (live all over Sri Lanka and after 1983 they were chased out from specially from North by the LTTE and those who chose to stay were massacred) - (Source)
  • Indian Tamil 4.6%, (mainly live in hill country – center part of the Country – we inherited this group after during British Rule brought them to Sri Lanka for their Tea and Coffee Estate work and abandon them and left Sri Lanka after freedom to us in 1948 without solving this immigration problem
  • Sri Lankan Tamil 3.9%, (This is the minority, the current group.. live all over Sri Lanka small portion of it is kept as human shields by the LTTE)
  • Other 0.5%, unspecified 10%